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What People Are Saying

What the media is saying about the Friis Coffee Savor:

“Friis Coffee Savor protects coffee’s full flavor.  He’s got the fancy espresso maker, the glass coffee mugs, the burr mill and the necessary supply of top-notch coffee, so what’s left to give to that special coffee lover this holiday season?  An often-overlooked product in a coffee makers’ equipment lineup is a good canister.  That’s where the new Friis Coffee Savor comes in…” —Boston Herald

“Why pay for premium coffee and let it go stale before you have a chance to enjoy every drop?  Air, light, moisture, and carbon dioxide can destroy the quality of your coffee and rob it of flavor.  The antidote is the Friis Coffee Savor, a canister in several styles that keeps up to 1 pound of ground or whole bean coffee fresh by blocking air, light, and moisture and venting carbon dioxide gas.”  —Today’s Diet & Nutrition

“People who enjoy drinking coffee can sometimes be a little fanatical wen it comes to sourcing the best beans for their morning cup.  Once acquired, the next hurdle is storing them properly.  If you’re looking for the best way to keep your precious treasure fresh, then there’s no better option than this coffee saver.  It protects your beans from light, air and moisture, as well as releasing any trapped CO2 through its freshness valve.”          —Flavours Magazine

“Friis, Inc. just released new state-of-the-art coffee storage canisters for the shop, home, office or anywhere else you want to keep your coffee beans fresh.  The Coffee Savor features the Friis Freshness Valve that vents trapped CO2 away from the beans while keeping them shielded from light, moisture and outside gas.  To make a good thing even better, note the Coffee Savor is also very affordable, at less than $25.”        —Barista Magazine

“However you like your coffee there will be external factors like moisture, light, air, carbon dioxide that can spoil coffee flavor quality.  The exciting gadget named the Friis Coffee Savor is a canister coming with the special lid that is able to release CO2 gases that appear in roasted coffee beans.”  —Gadgets Reviews

“Coffee-lovers of the world rejoice…a new coffee canister for the home that eliminates the four main causes of flavor in whole bean and ground coffee has been released by Friis.”  —GizMag

“Freeze, refrigerate or leave at room temperature?  Ground or whole?  Coffee fans have likely debated storage techniques since the first bean met the roasting fire.  Moisture and light have long been known as culprits.  The latest wisdom adds yet another enemy, carbon dioxide, which is released during and after roasting.  The $22 Friis Coffee Savor sports a patented one-way valve atop its lid that lets CO2 out but no air back in.”  —Around 505 Magazine

“The Friis Coffee Savor keeps your coffee fresh.”  —Autism Learning Blog

“The Friis Coffee Savor is the coffee canister that is designed to eliminate the four main causes of flavor loss in whole bean and ground coffee: CO2 gases, moisture, light and air.”  —Drinks Business Review

“The Friis Coffee Savor keeps your coffee fresh by locking in flavor while blocking out light, air and moisture.  When stored in a cool, dry place, your coffee stays fresh longer.  With Friis, save money and start making life taste better.”  —Clipsmarks Blog

“A device that would come in handy before you’re ready to make coffee in any coffee maker…it’s the Friis Coffee Savor…”  —Cassie Bendel, Coffee Blogger

“Make your coffee fresher with the Friis Storage Canister.  Since not all of us are masters of storing coffee, be it whole bean or ground coffee, Friis, Inc. has decided to lend us a hand by manufacturing the first coffee storage canister with Freshness Valve.”  —Softpedia

“In order to preserve your coffee’s natural premium flavor, you should purchase the Coffee Savor coffee canister from Friis.  This product enhances your coffee’s shelf life while keeping it rich, lively, and full of delicious flavor.”   —Sahm-Answers