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Friis Customer Testimonials


Save More Money

I'm saving more money now. I can make coffee as good as my favorite coffee shops. It's durable and it's going to save me money.    -Aimee S.


Skip the Coffee Shop

I save money and my wife loves me. I make her morning espresso so she doesn’t have to stop by the coffee shop each day. She’s happy, our checkbook is happy.    -Matthew R.


Say Goodbye to Stale Coffee

No more stale coffee to drink while I get ready in the morning.    -LeeAnn M.


Make Better Coffee

I now make consistently great coffee to start my day.    -Todd E.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

I just love it.    -Nikki R.


Fully Recommended

I would recommend this product because it keeps your coffee fresh and full of flavor, not stale.
-T. Foster
It really does keep the coffee as fresh as if you just had opened it.
-D. Medearis
I fully recommend and endorse this great product.
-L. Meis
This is a very handy item for camping. It’s a good way to really keep the beans fresh. Thanks.
-T. Beall
Preserves the quality of the coffee. I would recommend it because I like very fresh coffee. This maintains that fresh taste. It’s also easy to use.
-M. Cowen
I would recommend this, it helps save coffee from going stale.
-S. Yoe
I would recommend this product because it is a winner. My coffee was as fresh as the day I opened it. Such a simple design and so easy to use has me giving it the “thumbs up”.
-M. Butte
Great innovation. Friis Coffee finally addresses the four reasons why coffee becomes bitter and stale…trapped CO2 gas, moisture, light and air.
-J. Sellers
I would recommend this product to any one who drinks coffee. It will keep your coffee fresher than anything else on the market. Easy to use.
-R. Wilson
It does what it promises to do: it really does make an airtight seal and keep the coffee fresh. It’s a neat design.
-S. Michael
I roast my own coffee beans, and anything that extends that fresh flavor is a welcome addition to my kitchen.
-M. Rome
The ease of use and ability to maintain freshness of ground coffee make this product a winner. No special storage is required as is the case with other coffee sealing products.
-D. Chuba
This product does an awesome job with coffee and coffee beans by sealing in the freshness.
-L. Vassholz
It does exactly what it states. It keep coffee as fresh as the day you grind or bought the coffee.
-L. Evans
The design of this product made it easy to use and left very little room for error. It is the best mechanism I’ve seen so far to ensure freshness is locked in tight.
-C. Darnall
I found my coffee to taste delicious, no bitterness, no aftertaste, coffee like coffee should taste.
-D. Ballard
Tell us why you love Friis products: cs@friiscoffee.com