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Friis Freshness Valve Replacement Kit - 3 Yr Supply - Free Shipping

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Product Description

You Receive Three (3) Kits

Friis Freshness Valve Replacement Kit with Six (6) Friis Freshness Valves. 

~ Three (3) - One Year Supply of Friis Freshness Valves Kits, to vent away damaging CO2 gases 

~ Works with All Coffee Vault Models (Classic, Stainless and Coffee Savor) 

~ Vents away damaging CO2 gases 

~ Maintain Rich, Full Coffee Flavor


Friis Freshness Valves keep your coffee fresh, to be used with all your Coffee Vault models.

Please Note: If you are purchasing a new Coffee Vault (Classic, Stainless or Coffee Savor models), it already includes a 1 yr supply of Freshness Valves.  This replacement kit is intended for existing Friis canister owners.

The exclusive Friis Freshness Valve is the key to eliminating trapped CO2 gas. We suggest replacing your freshness Valve every two months. Your Friis Coffee Vault has a rotating date wheel on the top of the lid. Using your finger and thumb, move the date wheel to set a monthly reminder to replace your valve on the appropriate day.

This package includes three kits, each kit includes - six (6) Friis Freshness Replacement Valves with instruction card.

Each replacement kit will last one year.

Includes Free Shipping of Supply Kits Only.