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Friis Canister FAQs

Friis Coffee Canister FAQs

Order Status & Tracking
Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery after you order. If you have questions about your order, please contact our customer service dept at cs@friiscoffee.com or (888) 766-7463.

Replacement Friis Freshness Valves
We suggest you replace your valve every two months. You can purchase a 12-month replacement kit through the online store.  The kit will last a full year and costs about as much as a fancy cup of coffee.

How Does the Replacement Program Work?
You can purchase a Friis Freshness Valve replacement kit through the online store. The kit lasts 1 year. We suggest you replace your valve every two months.

Is the Coffee Savor Dishwasher Safe?
No. The best way to clean your coffee savor is with a damp paper towel. Please thoroughly dry the coffee savor before storing coffee. Any moisture in the canister will degrade the coffee flavor.

What is the Coffee Vault Made of?
The Coffee Vault lid is constructed with a food-safe, BPA-free polymer. The Coffee Vault base is constructed of food-safe stainless steel, or the same BPA-free polymer.

How Much Coffee Does the Coffee Vault Hold?
The Coffee Vault base is stainless steel and stores up to 10-16 oz (1 lb) (453g) of whole bean or ground coffee depending on the model you purchase.

Where Do I Store My Coffee Vault?
Store your Coffee Vault in a cool, dry place. DO NOT store in the refrigerator of freezer.

Why Not Store Coffee in the Refrigerator or Freezer?
Taking it in and out of the fridge/freezer causes condensation to develop. This will cause the coffee to deteriorate faster and the coffee will go stale quicker.