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Coffee Vault FAQs

Friis Coffee Vault™
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Friis™ Coffee Vault™?
The Friis Coffee Vault is the world’s first coffee storage canister with a freshness valve that preserves the rich, full flavor of coffee.
What makes the Friis Coffee Vault unique?
Until now, there has not been a coffee storage canister that eliminates each of the four causes of flavor loss in whole bean and ground coffee—CO2 gases, moisture, light and air. The Friis Coffee Vault releases trapped carbon dioxide gases and blocks out moisture, light and air that destroy the flavor of coffee.
Why would someone want to purchase the Friis Coffee Vault?
Most of the 160+ million coffee drinkers in the U.S. don’t realize the way they currently store their coffee actually is shortening its shelf life, causing the bitter and stale taste they despise. The Friis Coffee Vault is the world’s most effective coffee storage canister, preserving the premium taste discerning coffee drinkers desire.
Are there other coffee storage canisters like the Friis Coffee Vault on the market?
No. Although there are other canisters that address some of the reasons coffee loses its flavor, the Friis Coffee Vault is the only canister in the world that addresses all four factors: trapped CO2, light, air and moisture.
Doesn’t a vacuum canister do a good job of sealing out oxygen?
Yes, it does a good job of preventing oxidation, but it also seals in the carbon dioxide gases that are constantly coming from roasted beans or grounds. When you trap CO2 in with your coffee, it breaks down the flavor you love. The Friis Coffee Vault not only prevents oxygen from getting in, but it lets the CO2 out. It is the only canister designed to take care of the four external factors that break down and destroy the original flavor coffee drinkers desire.

Who should purchase the Coffee Vault?

Every coffee drinker should own a Friis Coffee Vault because it will extend their coffee’s shelf life and preserve the rich, full flavor; and it will save them money by not having to throw away stale beans and grounds. 
How does the Friis Freshness Valve™ work?
The patented Friis Freshness Valve is the key to eliminating trapped CO2 gas. The valve is constructed with a unique filter that allows carbon dioxide gas to pass through without allowing oxygen or other gases back in. This one-way valve removes the trapped gas that breaks down and destroys coffee flavor over time.
How long does the Freshness Valve work?
It is recommended the Friis Freshness Valve contained in the Coffee Vault canister be replaced every 2 months. Consumers will receive a one-year supply or a six-month supply of Freshness Valves for free with the purchase of a Friis Coffee Vault, depending upon the model purchased.
How much coffee does the Friis Coffee Vault hold?
The Coffee Vault keeps up to 16 oz (1 lb) (452g) of whole bean or ground coffee fresh.
What is the Coffee Vault made of?
The Coffee Vault lid is constructed with a FDA food-safe, BPA-free polymer. The Coffee Vault base is constructed of food-safe stainless steel, or a durable food-safe, BPA-free polymer black base.
Is the Coffee Vault dishwasher safe?
No. The best way to clean your Coffee Vault is with a damp paper towel. Please thoroughly dry the Coffee Vault before storing coffee. Any moisture in the canister will degrade the coffee flavor.
Where can the Friis Coffee Vault be purchased?
The Coffee Vault is available online at www.friiscoffee.com.
Why can the Coffee Vault only be purchased online?
The Friis Coffee Vault has initially been made available online for convenience and ease of purchase. Due to the increasing demand for the product, many retailers and grocery stores are working with Friis to bring the Coffee Vault to a store near you.

How much does the Coffee Vault cost?

The 16 oz. stainless steel Friis Coffee Vault MSRP is $24.95. Additional Coffee Vault models are also available from $17.95.
What comes with the Friis Coffee Vault?
In addition to the 16 oz. Coffee Vault, consumers will receive a one-year supply of replacement Freshness Valves, a measuring spoon, an Art of Flavor booklet and instructional guide. In the other models, consumers receive a six month supply of replacement Freshness Valves and an instructional guide.
Why does coffee lose its flavor so quickly?
All forms of coffee, both whole bean and ground, have been roasted. The roasting process caramelizes the sugars in coffee beans and forms essential oils. These sugars and essential oils give coffee its varying flavor and aroma profiles. After roasting, four external factors break down and destroy the original flavor coffee drinkers love—CO2 gases, moisture, light and air. The key to rich, full-flavored coffee is limiting the effects of these external forces through proper storage. 
Why not store coffee in the refrigerator or freezer?
Each time you take coffee out of the fridge, you create condensation in your coffee, which causes it to spoil and lose flavor much faster.
How do you pronounce Friis?
It’s easy to pronounce: “freece.”